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OUR #1 Goal: At the close of a sale, ELEVATE will maximize the amount of money a seller walks away with.

How? ELEVATE maximizes your property exposure therefore increasing the demand for your property and selling at it’s maximum price

Expert Broker Price Opinion:

A Broker Price Opinion will provide an accurate price valuation of your property. The price opinion of your property is based upon accumulated data that include:

  • Local Appraiser Opinions
  • Property Tax Records
  • Market Research
  • Comparable Sales
  • Estimated Seller’s Net Sheet



Professional photographer, videographer and drone footage can all enhance your property’s appearance and captures buyers’ interest.


Captivating visuals and property descriptions are published online toserve as digital property advertisement. The fact is, every real estate platform across the internet pulls its data from THE MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE.Flyers of your property are created and distributed by mail and email to real estate professionals and prospective buyers.

Property Staging Options

Stylish Interior Design experts help to make a vacant home standout to a prospective buyer. Staging a vacant property will increase offer prices.

Open House

Open houses are a great way to market your property to prospective buyers and you must trust your property and your personal belongings with an attentive Real Estate Broker.

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How do you come up with a Broker’s Price Opinion?

I have a specialized formulation and research multiple data sources to provide a very accurate price valuation.

What is a Seller’s Net Proceeds Statement and why is it so important?

A seller’s net proceed statement will detail to a seller the amount of funds they’re to net at the close of the sale. The Net Proceeds figure is most important because it’s an estimate of a seller’s net funds from a sale after loan, escrow & title fees, real estate commissions, property taxes and any additional seller costs are paid.

How do I prepare my home for sale?

1. Deep Clean and De-Clutter – Maximizes space in a room
2. Fix a small problem that could stand out – Make Sure all lights work
3. Clean and mow the yard – Curb appeal is key to capturing interest